Hugo Marty

Dancer & Choregrapher

Hugo’s early years are marked by the mind-opening lifestyle of his family’s circus, traveling all around the globe, living in a caravan, and listening to musicians from all around the world. It also gave him a strong taste for performance and choreographing, but most of all it developed his « workaholic » mindset. More than anything, he loves to practice and improve himself, one of the things he tries to inspire his students to do.

He first danced traditional french dances for a short period and looked for more challenging dances before falling in love for Lindy Hop, the acrobatic and athletic side of the dance is an instant catch for him. From the day he started Lindy Hopping, Hugo never stopped practicing, watching, listening, learning, always learning. He loves the infinite creative possibilities of Lindy Hop and thrives master it choreographing showcases, but improvisation and social dancing is what keeps him dancing all night long in every swing venues he can reach.

He is now completely dedicated to the dance, active character of the parisian scene, teaching and sharing in his school in paris or during workshops abroad.

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