Mélanie Ohl

Dancer & Choregrapher

Melanie started classical dancing at the age of 7, at 16 she got into an intensive dance school where she also learns Jazz, contemporary, and tap dance. At the age of 18 she decided to pursue dancing as her main career and starts 5 years dance school in Grenoble, Rouen and Paris where she specializes in Jazz dance. During this periods she learns about everything from anatomy, music, history of dance, mouvement study, and pedagogy to obtain her State Diploma in 2011.
It’s during these History classes that she first hears about this dance called Lindy Hop. Curious, she started learning it with the association Grenoble Swing. The Joy, the mood, the music instantly took her under the charm and pushed her to learn everything she could about this dance doing workshops everywhere in the world as much as she could. Then she started teaching it alongside classical and Jazz, until she decided to set Lindy Hop as her main dance.
She arrives in Paris in 2008 and quickly becomes one of the main characters in the parisian scene, completely dedicated to the development of the Parisian swing scene. She teaches more and more and created her first lindy hop school Swing it sister. She also participated in the great expansion of lindy hop in paris by organizing Swing parties in all the main paris night venues such as Zingaro, Cabaret Sauvage, Bellevilloise, Elysées Biarritz, Hotel Marriott, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Comedy Club, Pan Piper, etc… She is also one of the people at the origin of the success of some of the biggest parisian swing dance event such as Paris Jazz roots festival or Swingin Paris.
Today she went back to a simpler, human sized organization, closer to her personal values, she focused on the quality of her dancing and teaching.
Her goal is to keep inspire as many students as she can by performing her well known showcases and teaching the best quality classes possible.

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